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Featured Gardens - 2008

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Middletown Community Garden

Most of the pictures featuring children are of the First Baptist Sunday school class. First Baptist is located across the street from the Middletown Community Garden. The Sunday school kids come out to work in the garden each week, and try to incorporate growing and nature as themes in their lessons.

The photo featuring "ariane, shay shay, champa, and madeline" shows the Traverse Square garden. Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 4-6, kids from Traverse Square meet with volunteers from Wesleyan University to plant vegetables and play. Willa Mae (shown in two pictures with her sunflowers) is a member of the senior center, located right next to the Middletown Community Garden. She has a beautiful plot and grows the biggest sunflowers anyone has ever seen. She calls them her "shade trees."

Ariane, Shay-Shay and Champa
Ariane, Shay-Shay and Champa

Essence and Tatiana
Essence and Tatiana planting seeds

Picking a cucumber
Picking a cucumber!

Tatiana and Alicia making a sign
Tatiana and Alicia making a sign

Tatiana and Essence
Tatiana and Essence by the broccoli

Broccoli is huge
Broccoli is HUGE!

Alicia and Essence
Alicia and Essence picking tomatoes

Tomato mouths
Tomato mouths

Willa Mae and sunflowers
Willa Mae and her sunflowers

Willa Mae and her "shade tree"
Willa Mae and her "shade tree"

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